About Us

Perfectly Taylored Designs came to be like most small businesses in 2020, during the CoVid-19 quarantine. I  (Kaitlynn) was actually on Etsy looking to support small businesses for my holiday shopping and found a really pretty necklace that had a real pressed flower pendant. I loved it but it was $50 and I wondered if maybe I could make one myself. That's when it all began. I got supplies, watched a few YouTube videos, read some articles and got started! I successfully made my own beautiful necklace and then friends and family started asking me to make them one. I went to school for business, so I always knew I wanted to have my own business of some sort. I started playing with new designs and excitedly took on specific custom requests. This lead to selling through PTD's instagram page and ultimately led to a website since so many people kept asking for one :) I am so excited to see where PTD leads next! I also decided very early on that I    wanted this to be more than just a business. I  wanted it to be something that could make a difference in some way. So, I decided that 10% of all sales would go to help fight human trafficking. I hope that these designs will bring people joy and confidence. It makes me so happy seeing people use and wear the things I     create. Thank you so much for supporting my small business!